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baldwin county spay and neuter initiative

Island of Misfits is excited about our new spay/neuter initiative that partners with Safe Harbor Animal Coalition to provide low cost spays and neuters to pets in Baldwin County. Baldwin County Spay and Neuter Initiative is our attempt to continue and expand our mission as Island of Misfits. We have discovered we cannot rescue our way out of the severe pet overpopulation. On April 24,2023, we began extending our discounted spay/neuter to the general public once a month. We will provide transportation from a central location to our veterinarians who perform our surgeries at a discounted rate. Location of meeting place will change monthly to be able to extend this service to different parts of the county each month. We provide this transport service in attempt to decrease the barrier that is transport to the pet owner in hopes that we can get more animals spayed and neutered.
The Island of Misfits provides ONLY scheduling and transportation assistance at no charge to you so that you can receive discounted spay and neuter prices for your pet.

Cats/Kittens: $70  Dogs: $95

Owner is responsible for ALL costs associated with the spay/neuter procedure and any additional services and products.

Owner is responsible for transporting the pet to and from the designated meeting place at the designated times determined by Island of Misfits. There is also limited availability for owner to transport pet to clinic.

Owner must provide proof of Rabies vaccination or pay for the pet to receive a Rabies vaccination at the time of surgery. 

Once you have submitted your application, Island of Misfits will email you the next steps in the process. Please make sure you submit a valid email address. If you have not received a response within one week, please check your spam folder or adjust your email privacy settings accordingly. If you have any questions, please email 
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