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As our organization grows, we will need more volunteers to successfully fulfill our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for homeless, abandoned, neglected and orphaned animals. We will be looking for volunteers to aid in fundraising, adoption events, marketing, community outreach, transportation, fostering, and administrative support. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Island of Misfits, please email or call 251-651-5053.
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Fundraising Coordinator

Seek out fundraising ideas and opportunities. Create relationship with local businesses. Aid in the organization and participate in fundraising events. Work with web developer and marketing director regarding advertising for fundraisers. Solicit donations of money from individuals or business to help fund MIsfits's various programs. Solicit item donations from businesses that can be used in Raffles and Online Auctions.

Marketing Director

Aid in producing and managing event material. Partner with event chairs to determine and execute a successful marketing plan. Keep accurate and detailed records of each campaign and marketing event. Identify trends to anticipate future opportunities for marketing and events. Act as a liaison between Misfits and the media. Work directly with animals during fundraisers, adoption events, transportation and more.

Volunteer Coordinator

Seek out and organize other volunteers for fostering, transportation, fundraising and more. Help review volunteer applications. Identify functions and areas where volunteers can be utilized. Keep an active list of past and present volunteers. Participate in various fundraisers, adoption events, and other areas where a volunteer maybe needed.

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Keep accurate records of all organization activities. Record the minutes of board meetings. Provide board members with minutes. Authenticate all records and documents with signature. Work directly with animals during fundraisers, adoption events, transportation and more.

Transportation Volunteer

Transport pets to veterinary appointments. Transport pets to their FOREVER home. Pick up pets being rescued and take to foster home. Must maintain a valid Alabama driver's license. Must maintain the minimum required car insurance.

Foster Parent

Foster rescued pets in your home until they are adopted and move to their forever home. Food, medication, veterinary care, and other essential needs will be provided by Misfits.

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